Extract PDF page sizes using PDFJS & NodeJS

Although most PDFs have some pages with only one page size (e.g. DIN A4 or Letter in portrait orientation), PDFs sometimes also have pages that have another size or orientation (which is treated just like another size) that other pages in the same document.

This post provides an easy-to-reuse example on how to use PDFJS in NodeJS (though it will be just as easy to do in the browser) to extract the PDF

It is based on this previous post on how to read all pages from a PDF document using PDFJS, so be sure to check that out first.

First install the required dependencies:

npm install bereich pdfjs-dist

then you can use this source code to read the page sizes of mypdf.pdf:

const pdfjs = require('pdfjs-dist');
const bereich = require('bereich');

class PageSize {
  constructor(width, height) {
    this.width = width;
    this.height = height

function getPageSize (page) {
    const [x, y, w, h] = page.pageInfo.view;
    const width = w - x;
    const height = h - y;
    const rotate = page.pageInfo.rotate;
    // Consider rotation
    return (rotate === 90 || rotate === 270)
        ? new PageSize(height, width) : new PageSize(width, height);

async function readPDFPageSizes() {
  const pdf = await pdfjs.getDocument('mypdf.pdf');
  const numPages = pdf.numPages;

  const pageNumbers = Array.from(bereich(1, numPages));
  // Start reading all pages 1...numPages
  const promises = pageNumbers.map(pageNo => pdf.getPage(pageNo));
  // Wait until all pages have been read
  const pages = await Promise.all(promises);
  // You can do something with pages here.
  return pages.map(getPageSize);

    .then(pageSizes => {console.log(pageSizes)})
    .catch(err => {console.error(`Error while reading PDF: ${err}`)})

Running this with a document having a single A4 page will result in

[ PageSize { width: 595, height: 842 } ]

Note that the width & height unit is pt (Points). One pt is defined as 1/72 inches. A DIN A4 page (portrait) is 595x842pt, therefore you see those values here.
See this TechOverflow post for code to convert pt to mm and inches.