How to build & upload a Dockerized application to Google Container Registry in 5 minutes

This post provides an easy example on how to build & upload your application to the private Google Container registry. We assume you have already setup your project and installed Docker. In this example, we’ll build & upload pseudo-perseus v1.0. Since this is a NodeJS-based application, we also assume that you installed a recent version of NodeJS and NPM (see our previous article on how to do that using Ubuntu)

First we configure docker to be able to authenticate to Google:

gcloud auth configure-docker

Now we can checkout the repository and install the NPM packages:

git clone
cd pseudo-perseus
git checkout v1.0
npm install

Now we can build the local docker image (we directly name it so that it can be uploaded to the Google Container Registry. Be sure to use the correct google cloud project ID!):

docker build -t .

The next step is to upload the image:

docker push

For reference see the official Container Registry documentation.