Is it a file or directory? Using C++17 filesystem library

You can use is_regular_file to check any path (either a C++17 path object or just a string). Similarly you can use is_directory to check if the given path belongs to a directory.

Note that these just return false if the file or directory does not exist!

// Check if something is a file
bool isTestTxtAFile = is_regular_file("test.txt"); // true
bool isMyDirectoryAFile = is_regular_file("my-directory"); // false
bool isDoesNotExistAFile = is_regular_file("does-not-exist"); // false
// Check if something is a directory
bool isTestTxtADirectory = is_directory("test.txt"); // false
bool isMyDirectoryADirectory = is_directory("my-directory"); // true
bool isDoesNotExistADirectory = is_directory("does-not-exist"); // false