ElasticSearch: How to iterate / scroll through all documents in index

In ElasticSearch, you can use the Scroll API to scroll through all documents in an entire index.

In Python you can scroll like this:

def es_iterate_all_documents(es, index, pagesize=250, scroll_timeout="1m", **kwargs):
    Helper to iterate ALL values from a single index
    Yields all the documents.
    is_first = True
    while True:
        # Scroll next
        if is_first: # Initialize scroll
            result = es.search(index=index, scroll="1m", **kwargs, body={
                "size": pagesize
            is_first = False
            result = es.scroll(body={
                "scroll_id": scroll_id,
                "scroll": scroll_timeout
        scroll_id = result["_scroll_id"]
        hits = result["hits"]["hits"]
        # Stop after no more docs
        if not hits:
        # Yield each entry
        yield from (hit['_source'] for hit in hits)

This function will yield each document encountered in the index.

Example usage for index my_index:

es = Elasticsearch([{"host": "localhost"}])

for entry in es_iterate_all_documents(es, 'my_index'):
    print(entry) # Prints the document as stored in the DB