How to iterate all days of year using Python

To iterate all days in a year using Python you can use this function snippet:

from collections import namedtuple
from calendar import monthrange

Date = namedtuple("Date", ["year", "month", "day"])

def all_dates_in_year(year=2019):
    for month in range(1, 13): # Month is always 1..12
        for day in range(1, monthrange(year, month)[1] + 1):
            yield Date(year, month, day)

Usage example:

for date in all_dates_in_year(2019):

This will print (excerpt):

Date(year=2019, month=1, day=1)
Date(year=2019, month=1, day=2)
Date(year=2019, month=1, day=3)
Date(year=2019, month=2, day=27)
Date(year=2019, month=2, day=28)
Date(year=2019, month=3, day=1)
Date(year=2019, month=12, day=29)
Date(year=2019, month=12, day=30)
Date(year=2019, month=12, day=31)

You can also install my Python3 library UliEngineering using sudo pip3 install -U UliEngineering and then use all_dates_in_year() by importing it like this:

from UliEngineering.Utils.Date import *


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