How to list available projections in pyproj

To get a list of all available projections for pyproj, use this code:

import pyproj

For pyproj-2.2.0 on my Ubuntu 18.04 computer, this is the resulting list:

    'aea': 'Albers Equal Area',
    'aeqd': 'Azimuthal Equidistant',
    'affine': 'Affine transformation',
    'airy': 'Airy',
    'aitoff': 'Aitoff',
    'alsk': 'Mod. Stereographic of Alaska',
    'apian': 'Apian Globular I',
    'august': 'August Epicycloidal',
    'axisswap': 'Axis ordering',
    'bacon': 'Bacon Globular',
    'bertin1953': 'Bertin 1953',
    'bipc': 'Bipolar conic of western hemisphere',
    'boggs': 'Boggs Eumorphic',
    'bonne': 'Bonne (Werner lat_1=90)',
    'calcofi': 'Cal Coop Ocean Fish Invest Lines/Stations',
    'cart': 'Geodetic/cartesian conversions',
    'cass': 'Cassini',
    'cc': 'Central Cylindrical',
    'ccon': 'Central Conic',
    'cea': 'Equal Area Cylindrical',
    'chamb': 'Chamberlin Trimetric',
    'collg': 'Collignon',
    'comill': 'Compact Miller',
    'crast': 'Craster Parabolic (Putnins P4)',
    'deformation': 'Kinematic grid shift',
    'denoy': 'Denoyer Semi-Elliptical',
    'eck1': 'Eckert I',
    'eck2': 'Eckert II',
    'eck3': 'Eckert III',
    'eck4': 'Eckert IV',
    'eck5': 'Eckert V',
    'eck6': 'Eckert VI',
    'eqearth': 'Equal Earth',
    'eqc': 'Equidistant Cylindrical (Plate Carree)',
    'eqdc': 'Equidistant Conic',
    'euler': 'Euler',
    'etmerc': 'Extended Transverse Mercator',
    'fahey': 'Fahey',
    'fouc': 'Foucaut',
    'fouc_s': 'Foucaut Sinusoidal',
    'gall': 'Gall (Gall Stereographic)',
    'geoc': 'Geocentric Latitude',
    'geocent': 'Geocentric',
    'geogoffset': 'Geographic Offset',
    'geos': 'Geostationary Satellite View',
    'gins8': 'Ginsburg VIII (TsNIIGAiK)',
    'gn_sinu': 'General Sinusoidal Series',
    'gnom': 'Gnomonic',
    'goode': 'Goode Homolosine',
    'gs48': 'Mod. Stereographic of 48 U.S.',
    'gs50': 'Mod. Stereographic of 50 U.S.',
    'hammer': 'Hammer & Eckert-Greifendorff',
    'hatano': 'Hatano Asymmetrical Equal Area',
    'healpix': 'HEAPJ_LPix',
    'rhealpix': 'rHEAPJ_LPix',
    'helmert': '3(6)-, 4(8)- and 7(14)-parameter Helmert shift',
    'hgridshift': 'Horizontal grid shift',
    'horner': 'Horner polynomial evaluation',
    'igh': 'Interrupted Goode Homolosine',
    'imw_p': 'International Map of the World Polyconic',
    'isea': 'Icosahedral Snyder Equal Area',
    'kav5': 'Kavraisky V',
    'kav7': 'Kavraisky VII',
    'krovak': 'Krovak',
    'labrd': 'Laborde',
    'laea': 'Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area',
    'lagrng': 'Lagrange',
    'larr': 'Larrivee',
    'lask': 'Laskowski',
    'lonlat': 'Lat/long (Geodetic)',
    'latlon': 'Lat/long (Geodetic alias)',
    'latlong': 'Lat/long (Geodetic alias)',
    'longlat': 'Lat/long (Geodetic alias)',
    'lcc': 'Lambert Conformal Conic',
    'lcca': 'Lambert Conformal Conic Alternative',
    'leac': 'Lambert Equal Area Conic',
    'lee_os': 'Lee Oblated Stereographic',
    'loxim': 'Loximuthal',
    'lsat': 'Space oblique for LANDSAT',
    'mbt_s': 'McBryde-Thomas Flat-Polar Sine (No. 1)',
    'mbt_fps': 'McBryde-Thomas Flat-Pole Sine (No. 2)',
    'mbtfpp': 'McBride-Thomas Flat-Polar Parabolic',
    'mbtfpq': 'McBryde-Thomas Flat-Polar Quartic',
    'mbtfps': 'McBryde-Thomas Flat-Polar Sinusoidal',
    'merc': 'Mercator',
    'mil_os': 'Miller Oblated Stereographic',
    'mill': 'Miller Cylindrical',
    'misrsom': 'Space oblique for MISR',
    'moll': 'Mollweide',
    'molobadekas': 'Molodensky-Badekas transformation',
    'molodensky': 'Molodensky transform',
    'murd1': 'Murdoch I',
    'murd2': 'Murdoch II',
    'murd3': 'Murdoch III',
    'natearth': 'Natural Earth',
    'natearth2': 'Natural Earth 2',
    'nell': 'Nell',
    'nell_h': 'Nell-Hammer',
    'nicol': 'Nicolosi Globular',
    'nsper': 'Near-sided perspective',
    'nzmg': 'New Zealand Map Grid',
    'noop': 'No operation',
    'ob_tran': 'General Oblique Transformation',
    'ocea': 'Oblique Cylindrical Equal Area',
    'oea': 'Oblated Equal Area',
    'omerc': 'Oblique Mercator',
    'ortel': 'Ortelius Oval',
    'ortho': 'Orthographic',
    'pconic': 'Perspective Conic',
    'patterson': 'Patterson Cylindrical',
    'pipeline': 'Transformation pipeline manager',
    'poly': 'Polyconic (American)',
    'pop': 'Retrieve coordinate value from pipeline stack',
    'push': 'Save coordinate value on pipeline stack',
    'putp1': 'Putnins P1',
    'putp2': 'Putnins P2',
    'putp3': 'Putnins P3',
    'putp3p': "Putnins P3'",
    'putp4p': "Putnins P4'",
    'putp5': 'Putnins P5',
    'putp5p': "Putnins P5'",
    'putp6': 'Putnins P6',
    'putp6p': "Putnins P6'",
    'qua_aut': 'Quartic Authalic',
    'qsc': 'Quadrilateralized Spherical Cube',
    'robin': 'Robinson',
    'rouss': 'Roussilhe Stereographic',
    'rpoly': 'Rectangular Polyconic',
    'sch': 'Spherical Cross-track Height',
    'sinu': 'Sinusoidal (Sanson-Flamsteed)',
    'somerc': 'Swiss. Obl. Mercator',
    'stere': 'Stereographic',
    'sterea': 'Oblique Stereographic Alternative',
    'gstmerc': 'Gauss-Schreiber Transverse Mercator (aka Gauss-Laborde Reunion)',
    'tcc': 'Transverse Central Cylindrical',
    'tcea': 'Transverse Cylindrical Equal Area',
    'times': 'Times',
    'tissot': 'Tissot',
    'tmerc': 'Transverse Mercator',
    'tobmerc': 'Tobler-Mercator',
    'tpeqd': 'Two Point Equidistant',
    'tpers': 'Tilted perspective',
    'unitconvert': 'Unit conversion',
    'ups': 'Universal Polar Stereographic',
    'urm5': 'Urmaev V',
    'urmfps': 'Urmaev Flat-Polar Sinusoidal',
    'utm': 'Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)',
    'vandg': 'van der Grinten (I)',
    'vandg2': 'van der Grinten II',
    'vandg3': 'van der Grinten III',
    'vandg4': 'van der Grinten IV',
    'vitk1': 'Vitkovsky I',
    'vgridshift': 'Vertical grid shift',
    'wag1': 'Wagner I (Kavraisky VI)',
    'wag2': 'Wagner II',
    'wag3': 'Wagner III',
    'wag4': 'Wagner IV',
    'wag5': 'Wagner V',
    'wag6': 'Wagner VI',
    'wag7': 'Wagner VII',
    'webmerc': 'Web Mercator / Pseudo Mercator',
    'weren': 'Werenskiold I',
    'wink1': 'Winkel I',
    'wink2': 'Winkel II',
    'wintri': 'Winkel Tripel'