Inductive reactance online calculator & Python code

Use this online calculator to compute the reactance of an inductor in Ω at a specific frequency given its inductance.

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TechOverflow calculators:
You can enter values with SI suffixes like 12.2m (equivalent to 0.012) or 14k (14000) or 32u (0.000032).
The results are calculated while you type and shown directly below the calculator, so there is no need to press return or click on a Calculate button. Just make sure that all inputs are green by entering valid values.




X_L = 2\pi fL

Python code:

The preferred way is to use UliEngineering’s UliEngineering.Electronics.Reactance.inductive_reactance:

from UliEngineering.Electronics.Reactance import *
# You can either pass strings like "150 uH" or values like 150e-6

inductive_reactance("150 uH", "10 MHz") # returns 9424.77796076938

Or get a human-readable value:

from UliEngineering.Electronics.Reactance import *
from UliEngineering.EngineerIO import *

# Compute value as a string
xc = auto_format(inductive_reactance, "150 uH", "10 MHz") # "9.42 kΩ"

# ... or print directly
auto_print(inductive_reactance, "150 uH", "10 MHz") # prints "9.42 kΩ"

In case you can’t use UliEngineering and you want to do it manually, here’s a minimal example:

import math
def inductive_reactance(f, l):
    """Compute the inductive reactance"""
    return 2*math.pi*f*l