Inductive reactance online calculator & Python code

Use this online calculator to compute the reactance of an inductor in Ω at a specific frequency given its inductance.

Also see Capacitive reactance online calculator & Python code



[calculator-input name=“l” label=“inductance” unit=“H”][/calculator-input]

[calculator-input name=“f” label=“frequency” unit=“Hz”][/calculator-input]

[calculator-expression name=“xl” formula=“2*PI*f*l” unit=“Ω”]

[calculator-output name=“reactance” unit=“Ω”] <%= format(l, “H”) %> has a reactance of <%= format(xl, “Ω”) %> at <%= format(f, “Hz”) %> [/calculator-output]



[latex display=“true”]X_L = 2\pi fL[/latex]

Python code:

The preferred way is to use UliEngineering’s UliEngineering.Electronics.Reactance.inductive_reactance:

from UliEngineering.Electronics.Reactance import *
# You can either pass strings like "150 uH" or values like 150e-6

inductive_reactance("150 uH", "10 MHz") # returns 9424.77796076938

Or get a human-readable value:

from UliEngineering.Electronics.Reactance import *
from UliEngineering.EngineerIO import *

# Compute value as a string
xc = auto_format(inductive_reactance, "150 uH", "10 MHz") # "9.42 kΩ"

# ... or print directly
auto_print(inductive_reactance, "150 uH", "10 MHz") # prints "9.42 kΩ"

In case you can’t use UliEngineering and you want to do it manually, here’s a minimal example:

import math
def inductive_reactance(f, l):
    """Compute the inductive reactance"""
    return 2*math.pi*f*l