Javascript equivalent to Python's re.findall()

The equivalent to this Python code which is using re.findall()

import re

hashtag_regex = r"(\B#\w\w+)"
hits = re.findall(hashtag_regex, "This is a string #with #hashtags")
print(hits) # prints ['#with', '#hashtags']

in Javascript is

const string = "This is a string #with #hashtags";
const re = /(\B#\w\w+)/g;
const hits = [];
// Iterate hits
let match = null;
do {
    match = re.exec(string);
    if(match) {
} while (match);

console.log(hits); // Prints [ '#with', '#hashtags' ]

You need to assign your regular expression to a variable like re! If you use

match = /(\B#\w\w+)/g.exec(string); // WRONG ! Don't do this !

you will create an infinite loop which always generates the first hit in the string, if any!