How to capture RaspberryPi camera 10-bit raw image in Python

You can use the picamera Python library to capture a raw sensor image of a camera attached to the Raspberry Pi via CSI:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import picamera
import picamera.array
import numpy as np

# Capture image
print("Capturing image...")
with picamera.PiCamera() as camera:
    with picamera.array.PiBayerArray(camera) as stream:
        camera.capture(stream, 'jpeg', bayer=True)
        # Demosaic data and write to rawimg
        # (stream.array contains the non-demosaiced data)
        rawimg = stream.demosaic()

rawimg is a numpy uint16 array of dimensions (w, h, 3), e.g. (1944, 2592, 3) and contains integer values from 0 to 1023.

You can, for example, save it in a NumPy file using"rawimg.npy", rawimg) # Reload with np.load("rawimg.npy")

or save it in a compressed format using

np.savez_compressed("rawimg.npz", rawimg) # Reload with np.load("rawimg.npz")