Auto-generate nginx forwarding configs using this script

A major hassle for me when setting up lots of docker-based services on a machine is to setup the individual nginx configs to forward the domains to the correct services.

TechOverflow provides a simple way to automatically generate nginx configs for a single domain to configure port forwarding to a specific port.

wget -qO- | sudo bash /dev/stdin 1234

Note: This script was tested on Ubuntu 18.04 and is regularly used by myself and others. However, if used incorrectly or in case there is a major bug, it might damage your webserver configuration, so be sure to be prepared to fix any issues that might arise. This script is provided without any warranty, expressed or implied.

Remember to replace by your domain and 1234 by the local port your docker service is listening to.

The script will generate /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/[domain].conf.


sudo nginx -t

to check if the config syntax is OK, and only if that succeeds, run

sudo service nginx reload

Now your domain should be online and I recommend running

sudo certbot --nginx