How to compute number of days in a year in Python using Pendulum

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We can use the excellent pendulum library to find the number of days in a given year

import pendulum

def number_of_days_in_year(year):
    start =, 1, 1)
    end = start.add(years=1)
    return (end - start).in_days()

Usage example:

print(number_of_days_in_year(2020)) # Prints 366
print(number_of_days_in_year(2021)) # Prints 365


First, we define the start date to be the first day (1st of January) of the year we’re interested in:

start =, 1, 1)

Now we use pendulum‘s add function to add exactly one year to that date. This will always result in the 1st of January of the year after the given year:

end = start.add(years=1)

The rest is simple: Just ask pendulum to give us the number of days in the difference between end and start:

(end - start).in_days()