How to install bup on Ubuntu 22.04

I’ve built a PPA that currently publishes bup0.33 for Ubuntu 22.04 for x64 computers

This one-liner installs the PPA, updates the APT package cache and installs bup:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ulikoehler/bup && sudo apt update && sudo apt -y install bup

Want to build it yourself?

The bup package has been built using my deb-buildscripts toolchain. In order to build it yourself:

git clone
cd deb-buildscripts

You might need to install some build dependencies for the build process to work, but the script will tell you what is missing.

Additionally you should installĀ python3-xattr- the package in Ubuntu is too old, so install it using

sudo pip3 install --upgrade pyxattr

In case you get

sudo: pip3: command not found

installĀ pip3 using:

sudo apt -y install python3-pip