How to install XCP-NG xe-guest-utilities on Fedore CoreOS using guest-tools.iso

Important note: While installing the Xen utilities using the CD ISO still works, it is outdated and you should prefer installing it using the rpm package. See our post Fedora CoreOS: How to install Xen/XCP-NG guest utilities using rpm-ostree

First, insert the guest-tools.iso supplied with XCP-NG into the DVD drive of the virtual machine.

Then run this sequence of commands to install. Note that this will reboot the CoreOS instance!

curl -fsSL | sudo bash /dev/stdin

This will run the following script:

sudo mount -o ro /dev/sr0 /mnt
sudo rpm-ostree install /mnt/Linux/*.x86_64.rpm
sudo cp -f /mnt/Linux/xen-vcpu-hotplug.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
sudo cp -f /mnt/Linux/xe-linux-distribution.service /etc/systemd/system/
sudo sed 's/share\/oem\/xs/sbin/g' -i /etc/systemd/system/xe-linux-distribution.service
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable /etc/systemd/system/xe-linux-distribution.service
sudo umount /mnt
sudo systemctl reboot

After rebooting the VM, XCP-NG should detect the management agent.

Based on work by steniofilho on the Fedora Forum.

Please eject the guest tools medium from the machine after the reboot! Sometimes unneccessarily mounted media cause issues.