Best-practice configuration for MongoDB with docker-compose

Create /var/lib/mongodb/docker-compose.yml:

version: '3.1'
    image: mongo
        - ./mongodb_data:/data/db
        - 27017:27017

This will store the MongoDB data in /var/lib/mongodb/data. I prefer this variant to using docker volumes since this method keeps all MongoDB-related data in the same directory.

Then create a systemd service using

curl -fsSL | sudo bash /dev/stdin

See our post on how to Create a systemd service for your docker-compose project in 10 seconds for more details on this method.

You can access MongoDB at localhost:27017! It will autostart after boot

Restart by

sudo systemctl restart mongodb

Stop by

sudo systemctl stop mongodb

View logs:

sudo journalctl -xfu mongodb

View logs in less:

sudo journalctl -xu mongodb