Mini CSS cheat-sheet for editing websites

These are the most common CSS attributes I use for editing existing websites


Append !important if your style doesn’t get applied. This overrides other styles, e.g. display: none !important; display: none, block, inline-block

Colors & font style

Text color color: red, #FF0000, lightblue - goto and then copy the hex code Color of the block behind the text: background-color: red, #FF0000, lightblue - goto and then copy the hex code Other font styling: font-weight: normal, bold

font-size: 200%, 30px


Space outside the element (to other elements)

margin-top / margin-left / margin-right / margin-bottom: 20px

Space inside the element, to its content:

padding-top / padding-left / padding-right / padding-bottom: 20px

Geometric properties

Make the corners of a block rounded instead of sharp: border-radius: 5px

Width and height of the element width: 100%, 300px, 30vw

height: 30px, 100%