How to ignore pylint problem for a specific single line of code

If you have a Python line of code like

writer = pd.ExcelWriter(filename)

that produces a pylint problem message like

Abstract class 'ExcelWriter' with abstract methods instantiated pylint(abstract-class-instantiated)

you can ignore it by adding a comment in the format # pylint: disable=[problem-code] at the end of the line where [problem-code] is the value inside pylint(...) in the pylint message - for example, abstract-class-instantiated for the problem report listed above.

The modified line will look like this:

writer = pd.ExcelWriter(filename) # pylint: disable=abstract-class-instantiated

You can also add the comment line

# pylint: disable=abstract-class-instantiated

to the function-level (or to any other block-level) to disable that pylint rule for the entire current function or block.