How to restart Asterisk in FreePBX

This tutorial will show how to restart the Asterisk service in FreePBX.

First, you need to install the Asterisk CLI module. In order to do that, login to your FreePBX admin panel and click at the Admin -> Module Admin menu entry.

After the module is installed, open Admin -> Asterisk CLI

Now enter one of the following commands

  • If you just want to restart Asterisk immediately, even if that stops ongoing calls, enter
    core restart now

    This is typically used while setting up the PBX

  • If you don’t want to interrupt ongoing calls but you don’t want to admit new calls, use
    core restart gracefully

    Asterisk will restart when all ongoing calls have been finished

  • In case you don’t want to interrupt ongoing calls but still admit new calls to the system, use
    core restart when convenient

    Asterisk will restart at the first opportunity when no calls are in progress