Is your PD device 802.3bt PoE++ Type-3 or Type-4?

Note: Do NOT confuse Type-3 or Type-4 with PoE class 3 and class 4**!**

If your PD uses a maximum of 51W (class 1-6 - up to 60W at the PSE), your device is Type 3. If your device uses 62W or 71.3W (class 7 or 8 - 75W or 90W at the PSE), your device is Type 4.

In case your device uses more than 71.3W (or 90W at the PSE), your use-case is not covered by IEEE 802.3bt aka PoE++.

Note that “uses” does not refer to the actual power draw of your device but whatever class you present during the PoE classification process. Typically, this is configured using a resistor, depending on your PoE PD controller.

For reference, seeĀ this Ethernet Alliance Whitepaper