How I fixed Tasmota 9.2.0 Nous A1 not auto-discovering in Home-Assistant

My Nous A1 flashed to Tasmota usingĀ tuya-convert worked fine using the webinterface and logged in successfully to the mosquitto MQTT server. However, Home-Assistant did not automatically discover it.

First, I logged into the Tasmota device console using the webinterface, enabled autodiscovery using

SetOption19 1

This alone did not help.

**Then I upgraded Tasmota to 10.0.0 using the web update method via the webinterface.**This took about 45 seconds and after that, the Nous A1 was automatically discovered by Home-Assistant. Hence, I recommend upgrading Tasmota to the most recent version before checking for any other issue. Note that checking the mosquitto logfile and the Tasmota console was also helpful because it showed that the device was successfully logging into MQTT and sending messages.