How to print 64-bit uint64_t as sixteen hex digits in Arduino

When using Arduino, you often want to print the hex value of a 64-bit value such as a uint64_t, consisting of sixteen hex digits. For example, if you have uint64_t val = 169557370125;, you intend to print 000000277a68250d.

In Arduino you can do that using Serial.printf() with %08lx08lx as format specifier, splitting the uint64_t in two uint32_t instances and printing those one after another:

    ((uint32_t)((val >> 32) & 0xFFFFFFFF)),
    ((uint32_t)(val & 0xFFFFFFFF)));


See How to print 32-bit uint32_t as eight hex digits in Arduino for more information on what %x means and why we need to use the 08 in %08x as a printf format specifier.