FreeRTOS task queue minimal example

This is how you create and use a task queue in FreeRTOS:

Global declaration

Declare the structure of a task (I recommend to use a *task type enum class*in order to keep the flexibility of using multiple task types:

#include <freertos/queue.h>

enum class I2CTaskType : uint8_t {
    MyTaskType = 0

struct I2CTask {
    I2CTaskType type;
    // Parameters
    int16_t value;
static QueueHandle_t i2cTaskQueue;

Initialization code

Call this once, before using it:

// Create task queue
i2cTaskQueue = xQueueCreate(8 /* Number of queue slots */, sizeof(I2CTask));

In the thread processing the queue

if (xQueueReceive(i2cTaskQueue, (void *)&task, portMAX_DELAY /* Wait infinitely for new tasks */) == pdTRUE) {
    if(task.type == I2CTaskType::MyTaskType) {
        // TODO process task
        Serial.printf("My task type: %d\r\n", task.value);

How to add a task to the queue

void AddTask(int16_t val) {
    I2CTask task;
    task.type = I2CTaskType::MyTaskType;
    task.value = val;
    xQueueSend(i2cTaskQueue, (void*)&task, 10 / portTICK_PERIOD_MS /* timeout */);