Simple XenOrchestra setup using docker-compose

Also see this variant with Traefik reverse proxy config: XenOrchestra docker-compose setup with Traefik labels

Create a directory such as /opt/xenorchestra and create docker-compose.yml:

version: '3'
        restart: unless-stopped
        image: ronivay/xen-orchestra:latest
        container_name: xen-orchestra
        network_mode: host
        stop_grace_period: 1m
          - HTTP_PORT=1780
          - SYS_ADMIN
          - apparmor:unconfined
          - ./xo-data:/var/lib/xo-server
          - ./redis-data:/var/lib/redis

You can choose any HTTP port you want using HTTP_PORT=1780. In this case, we opted for using network_mode: host to bypass the docker networking, since XenOrchestra seems to work better with full network access instead of the container having an own IP.

Now you can use our script from Create a systemd service for your docker-compose project in 10 seconds to automatically start XenOrchestra on boot (and start it immediately):

curl -fsSL | sudo bash /dev/stdin

Now access https://<IP of controller>:1780 (or your custom HTTP port) to get started with the XO setup.