How to check only a single schematic symbol against KLC (KiCAD library conventions)

In our previous post How to check KiCAD symbol library against KLC (KiCAD library conventions) we showed how to use to check a symbol library against the KiCAD library guidelines.

You can also use it to check only a specific symbol in that library by name, which removes most of the clutter from the output. Use -c "CD4066B" to just check the component named CD4066B.

~/kicad-library-utils/klc-check/ MyLibrary.kicad_sym -vv -c "CD4066B"

This will print, for example:

Checking symbol 'Analog_Switch:CD4066B':
  Violating S3.1
    Origin is centered on the middle of the symbol
    Symbol unit 3 slightly off-center
     -   Center calculated @ (-25, -25)
    Symbol unit 4 slightly off-center
     -   Center calculated @ (-25, -25)
    Symbol unit 5 not centered on origin
     - Center calculated @ (-100, 0)
  Violating S4.1
    General pin requirements
    Pins not located on 100mil (=2.54mm) grid:
     - Pin C (6) @ (-400,50) 
     - Pin C2 (9) @ (350,-100) 
     - Pin D2 (10) @ (350,-100) 
     - Pin D (12) @ (-400,50) 
  Violating S5.2
    Footprint filters should match all appropriate footprints
    No footprint filters defined