How to disable XCP-NG Windows Update PCIe device on the command line

This post shows you how to disable the XCP-NG windows update device on the command line. This prevents automatic installation of the Citrix drivers, enabling manual install of a custom version.

Note that you can easily disable the Windows update PCIe device in XenOrchestra using a single click, but not in XCP-NG center! Prerequisite: Shut down the VM in question - usually you need to disable the device before installing Windows!

First, get the UUID of the VM usinjg

xe vm-list

which will output, for each virtual machine, something like:

uuid ( RO)           : 98002b8d-070f-9638-071c-be7e6c82f6a3
     name-label ( RW): CoreOS
    power-state ( RO): running

From that, copy the UUID such as 98002b8d-070f-9638-071c-be7e6c82f6a3.

Now run:

xe vm-param-set uuid=YOURUUID has-vendor-device=false

for example,

xe vm-param-set uuid=98002b8d-070f-9638-071c-be7e6c82f6a3 has-vendor-device=false

Now you can startup your VM with the driver installation PCIe device being disabled.