ESP32 Filesystem initialization code example (LittleFS)

This example code takes care of mounting the filesystem, or creating a filesystem if none is present.

#pragma once
#include <stddef.h>

// InitFilesystem() sets this to true if the filesystem is available.
extern volatile bool filesystemOK;

void InitFilesystem();
#include "FS.h"
#include "LittleFS.h"

volatile bool filesystemOK = false;

void InitFilesystem() {
  // Initialize LittleFS
  if (!LittleFS.begin(false /* false: Do not format if mount failed */)) {
    Serial.println("Failed to mount LittleFS");
    if (!LittleFS.begin(true /* true: format */)) {
      Serial.println("Failed to format LittleFS");
    } else {
      Serial.println("LittleFS formatted successfully");
      filesystemOK = true;
  } else { // Initial mount success
    filesystemOK = true;