How to link Angular project dist directory to PlatformIO SPIFFS data directory

For tips how to make the Angular build small enough to fit into the SPIFFS image, see How to make Angular work with ESP32 SPIFFS / ESPAsyncWebserver

When you are building a PlatformIO image, you can easily make the dist/[project_name] directory from the Angular project directory appear in the SPIFFS image by using a symlink.

My config tells the server to serve from the www subdirectory.

server.serveStatic("/", SPIFFS, "/www/").setDefaultFile("index.html");

Therefore, we first need to create the data directory in the same directory where platformio.ini is located:

mkdir data

Now we can create a symlink from the angular dist directory to data/www, for example:

ln -s ../MyUI/dist/myui data/www

PlatformIO will automatically handle the symlink, if the directory exists.