How to get container name of docker-compose container

Lets’s assume the directory where your docker-compose.yml is located is called myservice

If you have, for example, a docker-compose.yml that declares a service mongo running MongoDB, docker-compose will call the container mongo or mongo-1.

However, docker itself will call that container myservice-mongo-1.

In order to find out the actual docker name of your container - assuming the container is running - use the following code:

docker-compose ps --format json | jq -r 'map(select(.Service=="mongo"))[0].Name'

This uses docker-compose ps to list running containers, exporting some information as JSON, for example:

  "ID": "2d68b1c1625dbfb41e05f55af0a333b5700332112c6c7551f78afe27b1dfc7ad",
  "Name": "production-mongo-1",
  "Command": " mongod",
  "Project": "production",
  "Service": "mongo",
  "State": "running",
  "Health": "",
  "ExitCode": 0,
  "Publishers": [
      "URL": "",
      "TargetPort": 27017,
      "PublishedPort": 0,
      "Protocol": "tcp"

Then we use jq (a command line JSON processor) to a) select only the entry in the list of running containers where the Service attribute equals mongo, b) take the first one using [0] and get the Name attribute which stores the name of the container.

Example output

$ docker-compose ps --format json | jq -r 'map(select(.Service=="mongo"))[0].Name'