Where to find cheap general purpose SMD optocouplers?

I generally use the LTV-356T optocoupler (phototransistor output) for general purpose applications. It has a smaller footprint than most DIP-derived SMD optocouplers and a thinner package. Its pin pitch is 2.54mm whereas the center-distance between the pads is 6.5mm. It it rated

It is available:

Even cheaper?

The LTV-356T has the advantage of being available from different sources in large quantities. However, you can get a pin-compatible variant LTV-356T-C which is only rated for 35V on the output:

Even smaller?

At LCSC, you can also get the half-width OR-3H7B-TP-Gwith a pin pitch of only 1.27mm for 0,0424€/pc@1kpc