How to install InvenTree using docker in just 5 minutes

The following script is an automated installation script for InvenTree that fetches the current docker-compose.yml and other configs from GitHub, modifies them so that only local directories are used for storage and then setups InvenTree.

First, create a directory such as /opt/inventree-mydomain. I recommend to choose a unique directory name and not just inventree to keep instae


wget -O
wget -O docker-compose.yml
wget -O .env

sed -i -e 's/#INVENTREE_DB_USER=pguser/INVENTREE_DB_USER=inventree/g' .env
sed -i -e "s/#INVENTREE_DB_PASSWORD=pgpassword/INVENTREE_DB_PASSWORD=$(pwgen 30 1)/g" .env
sed -i -e "s/INVENTREE_WEB_PORT=1337/INVENTREE_WEB_PORT=$(shuf -i 1024-65535 -n 1)/g" .env
sed -i -e "s/#INVENTREE_ADMIN_EMAIL=/" .env
sed -i -e 's/COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME=inventree-production//g' .env
# Enable cache
sed -i -e "s/#INVENTREE_CACHE_HOST=inventree-cache/INVENTREE_CACHE_HOST=inventree-cache/g" .env
sed -i -e "s/#INVENTREE_CACHE_PORT=6379/INVENTREE_CACHE_PORT=6379/g" .env
# Use direct directory mapping to avoid mounting issues
sed -i -e "s%- inventree_data:%- $(pwd)/inventree_data:%g" docker-compose.yml
# ... now we can remove the volume declarations from docker-compose.yml
sed -i -e '/^volumes:/,$d' docker-compose.yml

sed -z -i -e 's#profiles:\s*- redis\s*##g' docker-compose.yml # Make redis start always, even without docker-compose --profile redis
# Use standard docker-compose directory naming to facilitate multiple parallel installations
sed -z -i -e 's#container_name:\s*[a-zA-Z0-9_-]*\s*##g' docker-compose.yml # Remove container_name: ... statements
# Create data directory which is bound to the docker volume
mkdir -p inventree_data
# Initialize database
docker-compose up -d inventree-cache inventree-db # database initialization needs cache
docker-compose run inventree-server invoke update

After that, you can check .env for the randomly generated  INVENTREE_ADMIN_PASSWORD and INVENTREE_WEB_PORT.

Now you can enable autostart & start the service using systemd, for more details see our post Create a systemd service for your docker-compose project in 10 seconds:

curl -fsSL | sudo bash /dev/stdin

Don’t forget to configure your reverse proxy to point to InvenTree.