How to compute MRI Larmor frequency for a given magnetic field using Python

You can use the UliEngineering library to compute the larmor frequency for a given magnetic field in Tesla using Python.

from UliEngineering.Physics.MagneticResonance import *

# Default is to compute the Larmor frequency for hydrogen (H1 nucleus)
# Print frequency [Hz] for a 1.0 T magnetic field
print(larmor_frequency(1.0)) # Prints 42576384.74

# Compute for another nucleus like He3
print(larmor_frequency(1.0, nucleus_larmor_frequency=NucleusLarmorFrequency.He3)) # Prints 32434099.42

You can also directly format this frequency usingĀ auto_format():

# Format frequency
from UliEngineering.EngineerIO import auto_format
print(auto_format(larmor_frequency, 1.0)) # Prints "42.6 MHz"