How to format axis as dB (decibel) using matplotlib

In our previous post Matplotlib custom SI-prefix unit tick formatter we showed how to format a matplotlib Y axis with a custom unit with SI prefixes.

Similarly, we can use UliEngineering.Math.Decibel in order to format plots (most notably plots with a logarithmic Y axis) as decibels:

from UliEngineering.Math.Decibel import *
import matplotlib.ticker as mtick

def decibel_formatter(v0=1.0, unit='dB'):
    def format_value(value, pos=None):
        dB = value_to_dB(value, v0=v0)
        return f'{dB:.0f} {unit}'
    return format_value

# Usage example:
plt.gca().set_yscale("log") # Optional