How to fix NodeJS Error: EXDEV: cross-device link not permitted, rename …


While trying to rename a file using fs.move() in NodeJS, you see an error message such as

Error: EXDEV: cross-device link not permitted, rename '/tmp/upload_8a8c71784abf9942b40c1359935b1997' -> 'myfile.pdf'


This error occurs because you are moving a file from one drive (/tmp in our example above) to another drive (the current directory in our example above). On most platforms, this can’t be done using a simple rename operation.

Instead, fs.copyFile() the file.

For example, instead of

await fs.move('/tmp/upload_8a8c71784abf9942b40c1359935b1997', 'myfile.pdf')

first, copy the file:

await fs.copyFile('/tmp/upload_8a8c71784abf9942b40c1359935b1997', 'myfile.pdf')

and then – if desired – remove the source file to mirror the behaviour of os.move() as closely as possible.

await fs.remove('/tmp/upload_8a8c71784abf9942b40c1359935b1997', 'myfile.pdf')
await fs.unlink('/tmp/upload_8a8c71784abf9942b40c1359935b1997')