How to automatically remove duplicate docker networks

docker-compose based setups with locally mounted volumes have very few common failure modes in practice. The most important ones are system upgrades to docker stopping all the services and duplicate networks with the same name preventing the startup of a service. Sometimes, docker-compose does not delete the old network properly, possibly due to unclean or unfinished shutdown procedures.

This will result in log messages such as

May 22 21:52:15 myserver docker-compose[2384642]: Removing network etherpad-mydomain_default
May 22 21:52:15 myserver docker-compose[2384642]: network etherpad-mydomain_default is ambiguous (2 matches found based on name)
May 22 21:52:16 myserver systemd[1]: etherpad-mydomain.service: Control process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE

This simple script will find all duplicate network names and simply delete one of them.

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import subprocess
import json

already_seen_networks = set()

output = subprocess.check_output(["docker", "network", "ls", "--format", "{{json .}}"])
for line in output.decode("utf-8").split("\n"):
    line = line.strip()
    if not line: continue
    obj = json.loads(line.strip())
    id = obj["ID"]
    name = obj["Name"]
    if name in already_seen_networks:
        print(f"Detected duplicate network {name}. Removing duplicate network {id}...")
        subprocess.check_output(["docker", "network", "rm", id])


Just call this script without any arguments