NodeJS Mikrotik API minimal example

This is an example of access the Mikrotik API using NodeJS and the mikrotik package.

First, install the package

npm i --save mikrotik

Also, in order to enable import statement, set

"type": "module"

in package.json.

Example code:

import * as MikroNode from 'mikrotik' ;

const host = "";
const username = "admin";
const password = "N@CdVTz8y@D$KwVS5TTo"; // Hope that's not your real password ;)

const  connection = MikroNode.getConnection(host, username, password, {
    closeOnDone : true

connection.getConnectPromise().then(function(conn) {
    conn.getCommandPromise('/ip/address/print').then(addresses => {
        for(const address of addresses) {
  `Address: ${address.address} on ${address.interface}`);
    }, reason => {
        console.log('Error while running command: ' + JSON.stringify(reason));
}).catch(reason =>  {
    console.log('Error while connecting: ' + JSON.stringify(reason));

This will output, for example:

Address: on bridge
Address: on bridge

In case of bad username/password credentials, it will print:

Error while connecting: {"errors":[{"category":"","message":"invalid user name or password (6)"}],"channelId":"login","channel":{"id":"login","running":true,"closing":true,"closed":true,"clearEvents":false,"saveBuffer":true,"closeOnDone":false,"lastCommand":["/login","=name=admin","=password=admin1234",".tag=login"],"_events":{},"_eventsCount":0}}