Minimal ESP32 PlatformIO TFT display example using Adafruit ST7735

This example code is for the KMR-1.8 SPI display (128x160px) and provides a minimal example using the Adafruit-ST7735 library that toggles the screen from black to white repeatedly. You can use this as a check if your hardware works correctly.

Hardware connection

Note that you can use any pin number on the ESP32 ; if you use other pins, ensure to change them in the code

  • Connect A0 or DC (whichever one exists on your board) to D23 on the ESP32 board.
  • Connect SCL (which is actually SPI SCK – the pin labeled SCK is just connected to the SD card!) to D14 on the ESP32 board.
  • Connect SDA (which is actually MOSI – the pin labeled MOSI is just connected to the SD card!) to D12 on the ESP32 board.
  • Connect CS to D27 on the ESP32 board.
  • ConnectRESET to D22 on the ESP32 board.
  • Connect LED- to GND on the ESP32 board.
  • Connect VCC to 3V3 on the ESP32 board.
  • Connect LED+ to 3V3 on the ESP32 board.
  • Connect Vcc to 3V3 on the ESP32 board.

Do not connect any pin to VIn or 5V. This can easily damage your display!

PlatformIO source code

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <Adafruit_GFX.h>
#include <Adafruit_ST7735.h>

constexpr int Pin_LCD_CS = 27;
constexpr int Pin_LCD_DC = 23;
constexpr int Pin_LCD_RST = 22;
constexpr int Pin_LCD_SCLK = 14;
constexpr int Pin_LCD_MISO = 12;
constexpr int Pin_LCD_MOSI = 13;

Adafruit_ST7735 lcd(Pin_LCD_CS, Pin_LCD_DC, Pin_LCD_MOSI, Pin_LCD_SCLK,

void setup() {
  lcd.initR();      // Init ST7735S chip, black tab
  lcd.enableDisplay(true);        // Enable display

void loop() {
platform = espressif32
board = esp32dev
framework = arduino
lib_deps =
    adafruit/Adafruit GFX Library@^1.11.5
    adafruit/Adafruit ST7735 and ST7789 Library@^1.10.0