Number of inpatient surgeries performed in Canada in 2021-2022 (Statistics)

According to CIHI, 1349787 inpatient surgeries have been performed in Canada in 2021-2022.


This number has been extracted from the CIHI Hospital Stays in Canada page, Inpatient Hospitalization, Surgery and Newborn Statistics material. In worksheet 4. Top 10 inp surgeries you can take any of the numbers regarding the total of Canada, e.g. Cell A6 (= Number of inpatient fracture surgeries 2021-2022), and divide it by the respective value in Column E, the percentage of that surgery of all inpatient surgeries.

The time range of the data is the canadian fiscal year, i.e. April 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022 (Source: The metadata PDF for the abovementioned source table). See the metadata PDF for discussion about coverage and other caveats which apply to the data.