How to compute non-inverting OpAmp amplifier gain using UliEngineering in Python

In this example, we’ll use the UliEngineering library to compute the gain of a non-inverting OpAmp amplifier, given the two feedback resistor values R1 and R2

In order to install UliEngineering (a Python 3 library) run:

sudo pip3 install -U UliEngineering

We can now use noninverting_amplifier_gain() from the UliEngineering.Electronics.OpAmp package to convert between the units of temperature:

Tip: You can pass both numbers (like 100e3) or strings (such as 100 kΩ) to most UliEngineering functions. SI prefixes like k and m are automatically decoded.


from UliEngineering.Electronics.OpAmp import noninverting_amplifier_gain

# Gain of a non-inverting amplifier with 100k & 10k feedback resistor
gain = noninverting_amplifier_gain(100e3, 10e3)
# gain = 11.0

# ... or you can use strings
gain = noninverting_amplifier_gain("100k", "10k")
# ... or strings with units
gain = noninverting_amplifier_gain("100kΩ", "10kΩ")

# You can also automatically format the result
from UliEngineering.EngineerIO import auto_format
print(auto_format(noninverting_amplifier_gain, "100k", "10k"))
# prints 11.0 V/V