Where to find cheap RJ45 connectors

Generally, I always recommend going with metal-shielded RJ45 ports since those tend not to break as often.

If you want to buy more than, say, 10pcs, you can check out LCSC’s Ethernet Connectors / Modular Connectors lineup. The very good prices compensate for the shipping fee even when buying only medium quantities.

Note that it’s easy to mix up models with and without magnetics at the moment as there is no suitable filter. It’s easiest to just look at the length of the connector – RJ45 connectors without magnetics are almost cubic in size (i.e. length in the direction where you insert the connector is equal to the width) whereas connectors with magnetics are much longer. Nevertheless, always check the datasheet.

Some examples:

With magnetics:

No magnetics:

  • RCH RC01133, No LEDs, no magnetics, right angle, THT, 0.11€/pc @100pcs
  • HC-WK88-H16-DB, Two LEDs, no magnetics, right angle, THT, 0.14€/pc @ 100pcs
  • RJ45-B-1*1, Two LEDs, no magnetics, shield with case contacts, 0.22€/pc @ 100pcs