Paid captcha solver pricing overview (September 2023)

Prices according to my own research end of september 2023. Prices may vary – check for yourself.

Note: Quoted pricing is for standard image captchas, without any high usage discounts. The recaptcha pricing varies much more

If you don’t need that many captchas, note the minimum payment!

  • deathbycaptcha.com1.39$/1k + 47% nighttime worker compensation outside their working hours, minimum payment around 7$
  • anti-captcha.com0.7$/1k, minimum payment around 11.50$, 50 free if verified via SMS
  • cheapcaptcha.com0.59$/1k, minimum payment around 7$
  • imagetyperz.com0.65$/1k, minimum payment around 10$
  •  / Monthly pricing model starting at 22$/month for 150k captchas. This is equal to 0.146$/1k but only if you use up the entire budget within a month. Probably best suited for extreme power users.
  • 3.99$/1k, minimum payment (starter package) around 12$