List of JST XH connector MPNs (with LCSC links)

Prices shown are for budgetary purposes only. Check the LCSC page or other distributors for up-to-date pricing information.

Female connector housing (for crimp contacts)

    • 2-pin: XHP-2 0.0158€/pc @100pcs
    • 3-pin: XHP-3 0.0172€/pc @100pcs
    • 4-pin: XHP-4 0.0167€/pc @100pcs
    • 5-pin: XHP-5 0.0182€/pc @100pcs
    • 6-pin: XHP-6 0.0217€/pc @100pcs
    • 7-pin: XHP-7 0.0276€/pc @100pcs
    • 8-pin: XHP-8 0.0266€/pc @100pcs
    • 9-pin: XHP-9 0.028€/pc @100pcs
    • 10-pin: XHP-10 0.0305€/pc @100pcs
    • 11-pin: XHP-11 0.0314€/pc @100pcs
    • 12-pin: XHP-12 0.0452€/pc @100pcs
    • 13-pin: XHP-13 0.0543€/pc @100pcs
    • 14-pin: XHP-14 0.0645€/pc @100pcs
    • 15-pin: XHP-15 0.08€/pc @100pcs Not stocked
    • 16-pin: XHP-16 0.1594€/pc @100pcs
    • 17-pin: XHP-17 Not offered on LCSC
    • 18-pin: XHP-18 Not offered on LCSC
    • 19-pin: XHP-19 Not offered on LCSC
    • 20-pin: XHP-20 0.1581€/pc @100pcs

Male straight through-hole PCB-mount connectors

with lead-free tin finish

Male right-angled (“side-entry”) THT connectors:

with lead-free tin finish