Jupyter adjustment widgets with plus and minus buttons

First, define get and set functions:

# Basic examples for get and set value functions

def get_value(): # will only be used to get the initial value
    return httpx.get(f"http://{ip}/api/get-value").json()["value"]

def set_value(value):


import ipywidgets as widgets
from IPython.display import display

# Step 2: Define the widget components
value_display = widgets.IntText(value=get_value(), description='Value:', disabled=False)
plus_button = widgets.Button(description='+')
minus_button = widgets.Button(description='-')

def on_value_change(change):
value_display.observe(on_value_change, names='value')

# Step 4: Define the update functions
def on_plus_button_clicked(b):
    value_display.value += 1

def on_minus_button_clicked(b):
    value_display.value -= 1

# Step 5: Bind the update functions to the buttons

# Step 6: Display the widgets
widgets_layout = widgets
display(value_display, plus_button, minus_button)