How to fix PySpice WARNING - Unsupported Ngspice version 36


When you try to run your PySpice script, you see an error log such as

PySpice.Spice.NgSpice.Shared.NgSpiceShared._send_char - WARNING - spinit was not found
PySpice.Spice.NgSpice.Shared.NgSpiceShared._send_char - ERROR - Note: can't find init file.
PySpice.Spice.NgSpice.Shared.NgSpiceShared._init_ngspice - WARNING - Unsupported Ngspice version 36


Your PySpice is too new for the ngspice version installed on your system.

Typically, it’s easiest to install a slightly older PySpice version:

sudo pip3 install -U "pyspice<1.5"

(but you can also update your ngspice).