How to initialize your KiCAD 8 project on the command line


Inside the directory where you want to create the project, run

wget -qO- | bash /dev/stdin MyProject

You should replace MyProject (at the end of the command) with your project name.

*Note:*This will initialize an empty KiCAD project without any libraries. This is equivalent to creating a new project in KiCAD itself (using the GUI).

How it works

Our script is a simple bash script that creates the files that KiCAD creates when manually creating a new project.

It will create these files (MyProject is the default project name, but you can modify it using a command line argument):

The files are modelled after KiCAD 8.0.1 but we expect them to work with any recent KiCAD version.

See GitHub for the script source code

Run e.g. using

bash MyProject