JLCPCB PCBA assembly price overview

This post summarizes JLCPCB fees. Please note that this is according to my own research in April 2024 and I can’t guarantee any of these prices or price structures in any way.

For reference, also see the official price list which lists most of these costs as well:

Economic vs standard PCBA

  • Economic PCBA: One-side only, 0$
  • Standard PCBA, 25$ for one-sided PCBA, 50$ for two-sided PCBA

Some parts such as ESP32 modules or WS2812-style LEDs force you to select standard PCBA.

See JLCPCB PCB assembly: List of known Standard only parts for more details.

Basic vs extended components

  • Basic components: 0$ per component type
  • Extended components: 2.74€/3$ per component type

SMT Assembly fees per solder joint

  • 0.0017$ per SMD pin

THT fees / Wave soldering fees

  • Manual assembly fee: 0.0173$ per THT pin. This is actually a wave soldering fee.
  • Fixed Hand soldering-fee3.22€/3.50$, this is actually a wave soldering fee with “assembly by hand”

Other fees

  • Special component fee: For USB-C connectors such as HC-TYPE-C-16P-01A, e.g. €0.1382 per component type (not per individual component)
  • Stencil: 1,38€/1.50$ fixed fee
  • Setup fee: 7,37€/8.00$ fixed fee
  • Panel: 0,00€, unclear how this is computed
  • Large size: 0.00€, unclear how this is computed
  • Components: How much your components cost, no additional markup.