gitlab-rake: How to list tasks

gitlab-rake --tasks

or, on Docker/docker-compose:

docker-compose exec gitlab gitlab-rake --tasks

Example output

(for Gitlab 14)

rake about                                                                                          # List versions of all Rails frameworks and the environment
rake acts_as_taggable_on:sharded_db:install_initializer                                             # Install initializer setting custom base class
rake acts_as_taggable_on_engine:install:migrations                                                  # Copy migrations from acts_as_taggable_on_engine to application
rake acts_as_taggable_on_engine:tag_names:collate_bin                                               # Forcing collate of tag names to utf8_bin
rake acts_as_taggable_on_engine:tag_names:collate_ci                                                # Forcing collate of tag names to utf8_general_ci
rake app:template                                                                                   # Applies the template supplied by LOCATION=(/path/to/template) or URL
rake app:update                                                                                     # Update configs and some other initially generated files (or use just update:configs or update:bin)
rake assets:clean[keep]                                                                             # Remove old compiled assets
rake assets:clobber                                                                                 # Remove compiled assets
rake assets:environment                                                                             # Load asset compile environment
rake assets:precompile                                                                              # Compile all the assets named in config.assets.precompile
rake cache:clear:redis                                                                              # GitLab | Cache | Clear redis cache
rake cache_digests:dependencies                                                                     # Lookup first-level dependencies for TEMPLATE (like messages/show or comments/_comment.html)
rake cache_digests:nested_dependencies                                                              # Lookup nested dependencies for TEMPLATE (like messages/show or comments/_comment.html)
rake ci:cleanup:builds                                                                              # GitLab | CI | Clean running builds
rake config_lint                                                                                    # Checks syntax for shell scripts and nginx config files in 'lib/support/'
rake css:build                                                                                      # Build your CSS bundle
rake css:clobber                                                                                    # Remove CSS builds
rake css:install                                                                                    # Install JavaScript dependencies
rake css:install:bootstrap                                                                          # Install Bootstrap
rake css:install:bulma                                                                              # Install Bulma
rake css:install:postcss                                                                            # Install PostCSS
rake css:install:sass                                                                               # Install Sass
rake css:install:tailwind                                                                           # Install Tailwind
rake danger_local                                                                                   # Run local Danger rules
rake db:create                                                                                      # Creates the database from DATABASE_URL or config/database.yml for the current RAILS_ENV (use db:create:...
rake db:drop                                                                                        # Drops the database from DATABASE_URL or config/database.yml for the current RAILS_ENV (use db:drop:all ...
rake db:encryption:init                                                                             # Generate a set of keys for configuring Active Record encryption in a given environment
rake db:environment:set                                                                             # Set the environment value for the database
rake db:fixtures:load                                                                               # Loads fixtures into the current environment's database
rake db:migrate                                                                                     # Migrate the database (options: VERSION=x, VERBOSE=false, SCOPE=blog)
rake db:migrate:down                                                                                # Runs the "down" for a given migration VERSION
rake db:migrate:redo                                                                                # Rolls back the database one migration and re-migrates up (options: STEP=x, VERSION=x)
rake db:migrate:status                                                                              # Display status of migrations
rake db:migrate:up                                                                                  # Runs the "up" for a given migration VERSION
rake db:obsolete_ignored_columns                                                                    # Show a list of obsolete `ignored_columns`
rake db:prepare                                                                                     # Runs setup if database does not exist, or runs migrations if it does
rake db:reset                                                                                       # Drops and recreates all databases from their schema for the current environment and loads the seeds
rake db:rollback                                                                                    # Rolls the schema back to the previous version (specify steps w/ STEP=n)
rake db:schema:cache:clear                                                                          # Clears a db/schema_cache.yml file
rake db:schema:cache:dump                                                                           # Creates a db/schema_cache.yml file
rake db:schema:dump                                                                                 # Creates a database schema file (either db/schema.rb or db/structure.sql, depending on `ENV['SCHEMA_FORM...
rake db:schema:load                                                                                 # Loads a database schema file (either db/schema.rb or db/structure.sql, depending on `ENV['SCHEMA_FORMAT...
rake db:seed                                                                                        # Loads the seed data from db/seeds.rb
rake db:seed:replant                                                                                # Truncates tables of each database for current environment and loads the seeds
rake db:seed_fu                                                                                     # Loads seed data for the current environment
rake db:setup                                                                                       # Creates all databases, loads all schemas, and initializes with the seed data (use db:reset to also drop...
rake db:version                                                                                     # Retrieves the current schema version number
rake dev:fixtures:load[fixture_name]                                                                # GitLab | Dev | Load specific fixture
rake dev:load                                                                                       # GitLab | Dev | Eager load application
rake dev:setup                                                                                      # GitLab | Dev | Setup developer environment (db, fixtures)
rake dev:terminate_all_connections                                                                  # Used to drop all connections in development
rake file_hooks:validate                                                                            # Validate existing file hooks
rake gems:error_tracking_open_api:generate                                                          # Generate OpenAPI client for Error Tracking
rake gettext:compile                                                                                # Compile po files to json, for usage in the frontend
rake gettext:lint                                                                                   # Lint all po files in `locale/
rake gettext:regenerate                                                                             # Regenerate gitlab.pot file
rake gettext:updated_check                                                                          # Check whether gitlab.pot needs updates, used during CI
rake gitlab:app:check                                                                               # GitLab | App | Check the configuration of the GitLab Rails app
rake gitlab:artifacts:check                                                                         # GitLab | Artifacts | Check integrity of uploaded job artifacts
rake gitlab:artifacts:migrate                                                                       # GitLab | Artifacts | Migrate files for artifacts to comply with new storage format
rake gitlab:assets:check_page_bundle_mixins_css_for_sideeffects                                     # GitLab | Assets | Check that scss mixins do not introduce any sideffects
rake gitlab:assets:clean                                                                            # GitLab | Assets | Clean up old compiled frontend assets
rake gitlab:assets:compile                                                                          # GitLab | Assets | Compile all frontend assets
rake gitlab:assets:fix_urls                                                                         # GitLab | Assets | Fix all absolute url references in CSS
rake gitlab:assets:hash_sum                                                                         # GitLab | Assets | Return the hash sum of all frontend assets
rake gitlab:assets:purge                                                                            # GitLab | Assets | Remove all compiled frontend assets
rake gitlab:assets:purge_modules                                                                    # GitLab | Assets | Uninstall frontend dependencies
rake gitlab:assets:vendor                                                                           # GitLab | Assets | Compile vendor assets
rake gitlab:background_migrations:finalize[job_class_name,table_name,column_name,job_arguments]     # Synchronously finish executing a batched background migration
rake gitlab:background_migrations:status                                                            # Display the status of batched background migrations
rake gitlab:backup:create                                                                           # GitLab | Backup | Create a backup of the GitLab system
rake gitlab:backup:restore                                                                          # GitLab | Backup | Restore a previously created backup
rake gitlab:banzai:render                                                                           # GitLab | Banzai | Render markdown using our FullPipeline (input will be requested)
rake gitlab:check                                                                                   # GitLab | Check the configuration of GitLab and its environment
rake gitlab:ci_secure_files:check                                                                   # GitLab | CI Secure Files | Check integrity of uploaded Secure Files
rake gitlab:ci_secure_files:migrate                                                                 # GitLab | CI Secure Files | Migrate Secure Files to remote storage
rake gitlab:cleanup:block_removed_ldap_users                                                        # GitLab | Cleanup | Block users that have been removed in LDAP
rake gitlab:cleanup:delete_orphan_job_artifact_final_objects                                        # GitLab | Cleanup | Delete orphan job artifact objects stored in the @final directory based on the CSV file
rake gitlab:cleanup:list_orphan_job_artifact_final_objects[provider]                                # GitLab | Cleanup | Generate a CSV file of orphan job artifact objects stored in the @final directory
rake gitlab:cleanup:orphan_job_artifact_files                                                       # GitLab | Cleanup | Clean orphan job artifact files in local storage
rake gitlab:cleanup:orphan_lfs_file_references                                                      # GitLab | Cleanup | Clean orphan LFS file references
rake gitlab:cleanup:orphan_lfs_files                                                                # GitLab | Cleanup | Clean orphan LFS files
rake gitlab:cleanup:project_uploads                                                                 # GitLab | Cleanup | Clean orphaned project uploads
rake gitlab:cleanup:remote_upload_files                                                             # GitLab | Cleanup | Clean orphan remote upload files that do not exist in the db
rake gitlab:cleanup:remove_missed_source_branches                                                   # GitLab | Cleanup | Clean missed source branches to be deleted
rake gitlab:cleanup:sessions:active_sessions_lookup_keys                                            # GitLab | Cleanup | Sessions | Clean ActiveSession lookup keys
rake gitlab:clickhouse:migrate[skip_unless_configured]                                              # GitLab | ClickHouse | Migrate the databases (options: VERSION=x, VERBOSE=false, SCOPE=y)
rake gitlab:clickhouse:migrate:main[skip_unless_configured]                                         # GitLab | ClickHouse | Migrate the main database (options: VERSION=x, VERBOSE=false, SCOPE=y)
rake gitlab:clickhouse:rollback:main                                                                # GitLab | ClickHouse | Rolls the main database back to the previous version (specify steps w/ STEP=n)
rake gitlab:container_registry:configure                                                            # GitLab | Container Registry | Configure
rake gitlab:db:active                                                                               # Check if there have been user additions to the database
rake gitlab:db:cells:bump_cell_sequences[increase_by]                                               # Bump sequences for cell-local tables on the cells database
rake gitlab:db:clean_structure_sql                                                                  # This adjusts and cleans db/structure.sql - it runs after db:schema:dump
rake gitlab:db:configure                                                                            # GitLab | DB | Configures the database by running migrate, or by loading the schema and seeding if needed
rake gitlab:db:create_dynamic_partitions                                                            # Create missing dynamic database partitions
rake gitlab:db:decomposition:connection_status                                                      # Check if PostgreSQL max_connections needs to be increased
rake gitlab:db:decomposition:migrate                                                                # Migrate single database to two database setup
rake gitlab:db:decomposition:rollback:bump_ci_sequences[increase_by]                                # Bump all the CI tables sequences on the Main Database
rake gitlab:db:dictionary:generate                                                                  # Generate database docs yaml
rake gitlab:db:drop_tables                                                                          # GitLab | DB | Drop all tables on all configured databases
rake gitlab:db:enqueue_reindexing_action[index_name,database]                                       # Enqueue an index for reindexing
rake gitlab:db:execute_batched_migrations                                                           # Run all pending batched migrations
rake gitlab:db:lock_writes                                                                          # GitLab | DB | Install prevent write triggers on all databases
rake gitlab:db:mark_migration_complete[version]                                                     # GitLab | DB | Manually insert schema migration version on all configured databases
rake gitlab:db:migration_testing:down:ci                                                            # Run down migrations on ci in current branch with instrumentation
rake gitlab:db:migration_testing:down:main                                                          # Run down migrations on main in current branch with instrumentation
rake gitlab:db:migration_testing:down:main_clusterwide                                              # Run down migrations on main_clusterwide in current branch with instrumentation
rake gitlab:db:migration_testing:sample_background_migrations[duration_s]                           # Sample traditional background migrations with instrumentation
rake gitlab:db:migration_testing:sample_batched_background_migrations[database,duration_s]          # Sample batched background migrations with instrumentation (legacy)
rake gitlab:db:migration_testing:sample_batched_background_migrations:ci[duration_s]                # Sample batched background migrations on ci with instrumentation
rake gitlab:db:migration_testing:sample_batched_background_migrations:main[duration_s]              # Sample batched background migrations on main with instrumentation
rake gitlab:db:migration_testing:sample_batched_background_migrations:main_clusterwide[duration_s]  # Sample batched background migrations on main_clusterwide with instrumentation
rake gitlab:db:migration_testing:up:ci                                                              # Run migrations on ci with instrumentation
rake gitlab:db:migration_testing:up:main                                                            # Run migrations on main with instrumentation
rake gitlab:db:migration_testing:up:main_clusterwide                                                # Run migrations on main_clusterwide with instrumentation
rake gitlab:db:reindex                                                                              # Reindex database without downtime to eliminate bloat
rake gitlab:db:reset_as_non_superuser[username]                                                     # Run migration as gitlab non-superuser
rake gitlab:db:schema_checker:run                                                                   # Checks schema inconsistencies
rake gitlab:db:squash[version]                                                                      # GitLab | DB | squash | squash as of a version
rake gitlab:db:truncate_legacy_tables:ci[min_batch_size]                                            # GitLab | DB | Truncate Main Tables on CI
rake gitlab:db:truncate_legacy_tables:main[min_batch_size]                                          # GitLab | DB | Truncate CI Tables on Main
rake gitlab:db:unattended                                                                           # GitLab | DB | Run database migrations and print `unattended_migrations_completed` if action taken
rake gitlab:db:unlock_writes                                                                        # GitLab | DB | Remove all triggers that prevents writes from all databases
rake gitlab:db:validate_config                                                                      # Validates `config/database.yml` to ensure a correct behavior is configured
rake gitlab:dependency_proxy:migrate                                                                # GitLab | Dependency Proxy | Migrate dependency proxy files to remote storage
rake gitlab:docs:check_deprecations                                                                 # Check that the deprecation documentation is up to date
rake gitlab:docs:compile_deprecations                                                               # Generate deprecation list from individual files
rake gitlab:docs:redirect[old_path,new_path]                                                        # GitLab | Docs | Create a doc redirect
rake gitlab:doctor:reset_encrypted_tokens                                                           # GitLab | Reset encrypted tokens for specific models
rake gitlab:doctor:secrets                                                                          # GitLab | Check if the database encrypted values can be decrypted using current secrets
rake gitlab:env:info                                                                                # GitLab | Env | Show information about GitLab and its environment
rake gitlab:exclusive_lease:clear[scope]                                                            # GitLab | Exclusive Lease | Clear existing exclusive leases for specified scope (default: *)
rake gitlab:external_diffs:force_object_storage                                                     # Override external diffs in file storage to be in object storage instead
rake gitlab:feature_categories:index                                                                # GitLab | Feature categories | Build index page for groups
rake gitlab:git:checksum_projects                                                                   # GitLab | Git | Generate checksum of project repository refs
rake gitlab:git:fsck                                                                                # GitLab | Git | Check all repos integrity
rake gitlab:gitaly:check                                                                            # GitLab | Gitaly | Check the health of Gitaly
rake gitlab:gitaly:clone[dir,storage_path,repo]                                                     # GitLab | Gitaly | Clone and checkout gitaly
rake gitlab:gitaly:install[dir,storage_path,repo]                                                   # GitLab | Gitaly | Install or upgrade gitaly
rake gitlab:gitlab_shell:check                                                                      # GitLab | GitLab Shell | Check the configuration of GitLab Shell
rake gitlab:import:all_users_to_all_groups                                                          # GitLab | Import | Add all users to all groups (admin users are added as owners)
rake gitlab:import:all_users_to_all_projects                                                        # GitLab | Import | Add all users to all projects (admin users are added as maintainers)
rake gitlab:import:user_to_groups[email]                                                            # GitLab | Import | Add a specific user to all groups (as a developer)
rake gitlab:import:user_to_projects[email]                                                          # GitLab | Import | Add a specific user to all projects (as a developer)
rake gitlab:import_export:bump_version                                                              # GitLab | Import/Export | Bumps the Import/Export version in fixtures and project templates
rake gitlab:import_export:data                                                                      # GitLab | Import/Export | Display exported DB structure
rake gitlab:import_export:export[username,namespace_path,project_path,archive_path]                 # GitLab | Import/Export | EXPERIMENTAL | Export large project archives
rake gitlab:import_export:import[username,namespace_path,project_path,archive_path]                 # GitLab | Import/Export | EXPERIMENTAL | Import large project archives
rake gitlab:import_export:version                                                                   # GitLab | Import/Export | Show Import/Export version
rake gitlab:incoming_email:check                                                                    # GitLab | Incoming Email | Check the configuration of Reply by email
rake gitlab:incoming_email:secret:edit                                                              # GitLab | Incoming Email | Secret | Edit Incoming Email secrets
rake gitlab:incoming_email:secret:show                                                              # GitLab | Incoming Email | Secret | Show Incoming Email secrets
rake gitlab:incoming_email:secret:write                                                             # GitLab | Incoming Email | Secret | Write Incoming Email secrets
rake gitlab:ldap:rename_provider[old_provider,new_provider]                                         # GitLab | LDAP | Rename provider
rake gitlab:ldap:secret:edit                                                                        # GitLab | LDAP | Secret | Edit LDAP secrets
rake gitlab:ldap:secret:show                                                                        # GitLab | LDAP | Secret | Show LDAP secrets
rake gitlab:ldap:secret:write                                                                       # GitLab | LDAP | Secret | Write LDAP secrets
rake gitlab:lfs:check                                                                               # GitLab | LFS | Check integrity of uploaded LFS objects
rake gitlab:lfs:migrate                                                                             # GitLab | LFS | Migrate LFS objects to remote storage
rake gitlab:packages:migrate                                                                        # GitLab | Packages | Migrate packages files to remote storage
rake gitlab:password:reset[username]                                                                # GitLab | Password | Reset a user's password
rake gitlab:praefect:replicas[project_id]                                                           # GitLab | Praefect | Check replicas
rake gitlab:redis:secret:edit[instance_name]                                                        # GitLab | Redis | Secret | Edit Redis secret
rake gitlab:redis:secret:show[instance_name]                                                        # GitLab | Redis | Secret | Show Redis secret
rake gitlab:redis:secret:write[instance_name]                                                       # GitLab | Redis | Secret | Write Redis secret
rake gitlab:refresh_project_statistics_build_artifacts_size[csv_path]                               # GitLab | Refresh build artifacts size project statistics for given list of Project IDs from CSV
rake gitlab:security:update_banned_ssh_keys[git_url,output_file]                                    # GitLab | Security | Update banned_ssh_keys config file from a remote Git repository
rake gitlab:seed:ci_catalog_resources[group_path,seed_count,publish]                                # Seed CI Catalog resources
rake gitlab:seed:ci_variables_group[name,seed_count,environment_scope,prefix]                       # Seed group with CI Variables
rake gitlab:seed:ci_variables_instance[seed_count,prefix]                                           # Seed instance with CI Variables
rake gitlab:seed:ci_variables_project[project_path,seed_count,environment_scope,prefix]             # Seed project with CI Variables
rake gitlab:seed:dependencies                                                                       # GitLab | Seed | Seed a new group with dependencies
rake gitlab:seed:group_seed[subgroups_depth,username]                                               # Seed groups with sub-groups/projects/epics/milestones for Group Import testing
rake gitlab:seed:issues[project_full_path,backfill_weeks,average_issues_per_week]                   # GitLab | Seed | Seeds issues
rake gitlab:seed:project_environments[project_path,seed_count,prefix]                               # Seed project with environments
rake gitlab:seed:runner_fleet[username,registration_prefix,runner_count,job_count]                  # Seed groups with sub-groups/projects/runners/jobs for Runner Fleet testing
rake gitlab:seed:vulnerabilities[project_full_path]                                                 # GitLab | Seed | Seed a project with vulnerabilities
rake gitlab:service_desk_email:secret:edit                                                          # GitLab | Service Desk Email | Secret | Edit Service Desk Email secrets
rake gitlab:service_desk_email:secret:show                                                          # GitLab | Service Desk Email | Secret | Show Service Desk Email secrets
rake gitlab:service_desk_email:secret:write                                                         # GitLab | Service Desk Email | Secret | Write Service Desk Email secrets
rake gitlab:setup                                                                                   # GitLab | Setup production application
rake gitlab:shell:install[repo]                                                                     # GitLab | Shell | Install or upgrade gitlab-shell
rake gitlab:shell:setup                                                                             # GitLab | Shell | Setup gitlab-shell
rake gitlab:sidekiq:all_queues_yml:check                                                            # GitLab | Sidekiq | Validate that all_queues.yml matches worker definitions
rake gitlab:sidekiq:all_queues_yml:generate                                                         # GitLab | Sidekiq | Generate all_queues.yml based on worker definitions
rake gitlab:sidekiq:check                                                                           # GitLab | Sidekiq | Check the configuration of Sidekiq
rake gitlab:sidekiq:migrate_jobs:queued                                                             # GitLab | Sidekiq | Migrate jobs in queues outside of routing rules
rake gitlab:sidekiq:migrate_jobs:retry                                                              # GitLab | Sidekiq | Migrate jobs in the retry set to new queue names
rake gitlab:sidekiq:migrate_jobs:schedule                                                           # GitLab | Sidekiq | Migrate jobs in the scheduled set to new queue names
rake gitlab:sidekiq:queues:check                                                                    # GitLab | Sidekiq | Validate all_queues.yml and sidekiq_queues.yml match worker definitions
rake gitlab:sidekiq:sidekiq_queues_yml:check                                                        # GitLab | Sidekiq | Validate that sidekiq_queues.yml matches worker definitions
rake gitlab:sidekiq:sidekiq_queues_yml:generate                                                     # GitLab | Sidekiq | Generate sidekiq_queues.yml based on worker definitions
rake gitlab:smtp:secret:edit                                                                        # GitLab | SMTP | Secret | Edit SMTP secrets
rake gitlab:smtp:secret:show                                                                        # GitLab | SMTP | Secret | Show SMTP secrets
rake gitlab:smtp:secret:write                                                                       # GitLab | SMTP | Secret | Write SMTP secrets
rake gitlab:snippets:list_non_migrated                                                              # GitLab | Show non migrated snippets
rake gitlab:snippets:migrate[ids]                                                                   # GitLab | Migrate specific snippets to git
rake gitlab:snippets:migration_status                                                               # GitLab | Show whether there are snippet background migrations running
rake gitlab:tcp_check[host,port]                                                                    # GitLab | Check TCP connectivity to a specific host and port
rake gitlab:terraform_states:migrate                                                                # GitLab | Terraform | Migrate Terraform states to remote storage
rake gitlab:two_factor:disable_for_all_users                                                        # GitLab | 2FA | Disable Two-factor authentication (2FA) for all users
rake gitlab:two_factor:rotate_key:apply                                                             # GitLab | 2FA | Rotate Key | Encrypt user OTP secrets with a new encryption key
rake gitlab:two_factor:rotate_key:rollback                                                          # GitLab | 2FA | Rotate Key | Rollback to secrets encrypted with the old encryption key
rake gitlab:update_project_templates                                                                # GitLab | Update project templates
rake gitlab:update_templates                                                                        # GitLab | Update templates
rake gitlab:uploads:check                                                                           # GitLab | Uploads | Check integrity of uploaded files
rake gitlab:uploads:migrate[uploader_class,model_class,mounted_as]                                  # GitLab | Uploads | Migrate the uploaded files of specified type to object storage
rake gitlab:uploads:migrate:all                                                                     # GitLab | Uploads | Migrate all uploaded files to object storage
rake gitlab:uploads:migrate_to_local[uploader_class,model_class,mounted_as]                         # GitLab | Uploads | Migrate the uploaded files of specified type to local storage
rake gitlab:uploads:migrate_to_local:all                                                            # GitLab | Uploads | Migrate all uploaded files to local storage
rake gitlab:uploads:sanitize:remove_exif[start_id,stop_id,dry_run,sleep_time,uploader,since]        # GitLab | Uploads | Remove EXIF from images
rake gitlab:usage_data:dump_non_sql_in_json                                                         # GitLab | UsageData | Generate non SQL data for usage ping in JSON
rake gitlab:usage_data:dump_sql_in_json                                                             # GitLab | UsageData | Generate raw SQLs for usage ping in JSON
rake gitlab:usage_data:dump_sql_in_yaml                                                             # GitLab | UsageData | Generate raw SQLs for usage ping in YAML
rake gitlab:usage_data:generate                                                                     # GitLab | UsageData | Generate usage ping in JSON
rake gitlab:usage_data:generate_and_send                                                            # GitLab | UsageData | Generate usage ping and send it to Versions Application
rake gitlab:usage_data:generate_from_yaml                                                           # GitLab | UsageDataMetrics | Generate usage ping from metrics definition YAML files in JSON
rake gitlab:usage_data:generate_sql_metrics_queries                                                 # GitLab | UsageDataMetrics | Generate raw SQL metrics queries for RSpec
rake gitlab:user_management:disable_project_and_group_creation[group_id]                            # GitLab | User management | Update all users of a group with personal project limit to 0 and can_create_...
rake gitlab:web_hook:add                                                                            # GitLab | Webhook | Adds a webhook to the projects
rake gitlab:web_hook:list                                                                           # GitLab | Webhook | List webhooks
rake gitlab:web_hook:rm                                                                             # GitLab | Webhook | Remove a webhook from a namespace
rake gitlab:workhorse:install[dir,repo]                                                             # GitLab | Workhorse | Install or upgrade gitlab-workhorse
rake gitlab:x509:update_signatures                                                                  # GitLab | X509 | Update signatures when certificate store has changed
rake grape:path_helpers                                                                             # Print route helper methods
rake grape:routes                                                                                   # Print compiled grape routes
rake import:github[token,gitlab_username,project_path]                                              # GitLab | Import | Import a GitHub project - Example: import:github[ToKeN,root,root/blah,my/github_repo]...
rake jira:generate_consumer_key                                                                     # Generate a consumer key for your application
rake jira:generate_public_cert                                                                      # Run the system call to generate a RSA public certificate
rake log:clear                                                                                      # Truncates all/specified *.log files in log/ to zero bytes (specify which logs with LOGS=test,development)
rake metrics:setup_common_metrics                                                                   # GitLab | Metrics | Setup common metrics
rake middleware                                                                                     # Prints out your Rack middleware stack
rake migrate_iids                                                                                   # GitLab | Build internal ids for issues and merge requests
rake migration_fix_15_11                                                                            # db | migration_fix_15_11
rake postgresql_md5_hash                                                                            # GitLab | Generate PostgreSQL Password Hash
rake raven:test[dsn]                                                                                # Send a test event to the remote Sentry server
rake restart                                                                                        # Restart app by touching tmp/restart.txt
rake secret                                                                                         # Generate a cryptographically secure secret key (this is typically used to generate a secret for cookie ...
rake setup                                                                                          # GitLab | Setup gitlab db
rake stats                                                                                          # Report code statistics (KLOCs, etc) from the application or engine
rake tanuki_emoji:aliases                                                                           # Generates Emoji aliases fixtures
rake tanuki_emoji:digests                                                                           # Generates Emoji SHA256 digests
rake tanuki_emoji:import                                                                            # Import emoji assets from TanukiEmoji to versioned folder
rake test                                                                                           # GitLab | List rake tasks for tests
rake test:all                                                                                       # Runs all tests, including system tests
rake test:db                                                                                        # Run tests quickly, but also reset db
rake test:system                                                                                    # Run system tests only
rake time:zones[country_or_offset]                                                                  # List all time zones, list by two-letter country code (`bin/rails time:zones[US]`), or list by UTC offse...
rake tmp:clear                                                                                      # Clear cache, socket and screenshot files from tmp/ (narrow w/ tmp:cache:clear, tmp:sockets:clear, tmp:s...
rake tmp:create                                                                                     # Creates tmp directories for cache, sockets, and pids
rake tokens:reset_all_email                                                                         # Reset all GitLab incoming email tokens
rake tokens:reset_all_feed                                                                          # Reset all GitLab feed tokens
rake tw:codeowners                                                                                  # Generates a list of codeowners for documentation pages
rake yarn                                                                                           # Install Node dependencies with Yarn
rake yarn:available                                                                                 # Ensure Yarn is installed
rake yarn:check                                                                                     # Ensure Node dependencies are installed
rake yarn:clobber                                                                                   # Remove Node dependencies
rake yarn:install                                                                                   # Install Node dependencies with Yarn / Install all JavaScript dependencies as specified via Yarn
rake zeitwerk:check                                                                                 # Checks project structure for Zeitwerk compatibility