Script to find files and directories with non-ASCII characters in the filename

import os
import argparse

def is_allowed_char(char, allowed_chars):
    """Check if a character is allowed (either ASCII or in the allowed_chars list)."""
    if char.isascii() or char in allowed_chars:
        return True
    return False

def contains_disallowed_chars(filename, allowed_chars):
    """Check if a filename contains any disallowed characters."""
    for char in filename:
        if not is_allowed_char(char, allowed_chars):
            return True
    return False

def find_files_and_dirs_with_disallowed_chars(root_dir, allowed_chars, maxdepth):
    """Recursively find files and directories with disallowed characters in their names up to a specified depth."""
    disallowed_paths = []
    for root, dirs, files in os.walk(root_dir):
        depth = root[len(root_dir):].count(os.sep)
        if maxdepth is not None and depth >= maxdepth:
            # Modify the dirs in-place to prune the search.
            dirs[:] = []
        for name in dirs + files:
            if contains_disallowed_chars(name, allowed_chars):
                disallowed_paths.append(os.path.join(root, name))
    return disallowed_paths

def main():
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Find files and directories with disallowed characters.')
    parser.add_argument('root_dir', type=str, help='The root directory to search.')
    parser.add_argument('-a', '--allowed', type=str, default="", help='The allowed characters in addition to all ASCII characters.')
    parser.add_argument('--maxdepth', type=int, default=None, help='The maximum depth to search (default is no limit).')
    args = parser.parse_args()

    if not os.path.isdir(args.root_dir):
        print("The provided path is not a directory.")
    allowed_chars = set(args.allowed)
    disallowed_paths = find_files_and_dirs_with_disallowed_chars(args.root_dir, allowed_chars, args.maxdepth)
    if disallowed_paths:
        print("Files and directories with disallowed characters:")
        for path in disallowed_paths:
        print("No files or directories with disallowed characters found.")

if __name__ == "__main__":