What LTE modem does the MikroTik wAP LTE kit (2024) use?

The MikroTik wAP LTE kit (2024) uses the Quectel EC200A LTE modem (miniPCIe-card). This applies at least to the EU version, I don’t have any information about non-EU-version and my wAP LTE kit was bought in Germany in May 2024.

The outer cardboard packaging box also indicates the modem being used: wAPR-2nD&ec200A-EU

This is a LTE Cat.4 modem, supporting up to 150Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds.

Since it’s just a mini-PCIe card, it can be replaced with other compatible cards, if you need different LTE bands or speeds.

wAP LTE kit (2024): Supported LTE bands (EC200A-EU)

Source: Datasheet for the Quectel EC200A-EU

Photo of PCB top side: MikroTik wAP LTE kit (2024), EC200A-EU modem