Restic backup script for Vaultwarden

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Configuring the backup script

First, generate the encryption password using

pwgen 30 > .restic_password

Make sure to back up this password separately or ALL YOUR DATA WILL BE LOST!

Now create in the same directory as docker-compose.yml:

export NAME=$(basename $(pwd))
export RESTIC_REPOSITORY=rest:http://restic:abc123@$NAME
export RESTIC_PASSWORD_FILE=.restic_password

if [ ! -f "${RESTIC_PASSWORD_FILE}" ]; then
   echo "Please create .restic_password with the backup encryption password AND BACKUP THAT PASSWORD SEPARATELY!!!"
   exit 1
echo "Initing repo, please ignore any 'already exists' errors"
if [ ! -f ".restic_inited" ]; then
    # Run the restic init command
    restic init

    if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then # if init successful
        # Create the initialization file
        touch ".restic_inited"
        echo "Restic initialized"

# Backup
source .env
docker-compose exec -T mariadb mysqldump -uroot -p${MARIADB_ROOT_PASSWORD} --all-databases | restic --verbose backup --stdin --stdin-filename="mariadb.sql"
# Backup files
restic --verbose backup vw_data --exclude vw_data/icon_cache

Automatically starting the backup script

See How To Create A Systemd Backup Timer & Service In 10 Seconds

TL;DR: In the directory where resides, run

wget -qO- | sudo bash /dev/stdin