Code license

Code License.

As you might have noticed, most code on this blog is licensed as Apache License v2.0. If a code snippet published on this domain does not contain a license statement, you are allowed to use it under Apache License v2.0.

This includes you won’t held me liable for any damage done, directly or indirectly, with my code. Also, I won’t

However, there’s a special exception: I hereby grant the special permission to all readers of this blog to skip section 4 a), b), c) and d) for all code published on the domain or any of its subdomains marked with ‘Uli Köhler’ as author and licensed under Apache License v2.0

In other words, you don’t have to include neither the original author (= me) nor a copy of the Apache License when redistributing derivate works. I’d still prefer if you mentioned me as original author, but you don’t have to.

Note that this special exception only applies to code published on this blog, and not my GitHub account or other projects.

Why? Because on TechOverflow, we publish short- to medium-sized snippets and we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to reuse those snippets in commercial or non-commercial projects. Of course, Open Source is preferred!

Please contact me (see Impressum page) for further questions or requests regarding licensing. Other licensing options might be available.