ElasticSearch: How to iterate all documents in index using Python (up to 10000 documents)

Important Note: This simple approach only works for up to ~10000 documents. Prefer using our scroll-based solution: See ElasticSearch: How to iterate / scroll through all documents in index

Use this helper function to iterate over all the documens in an index

def es_iterate_all_documents(es, index, pagesize=250, **kwargs):
    Helper to iterate ALL values from
    Yields all the documents.
    offset = 0
    while True:
        result = es.search(index=index, **kwargs, body={
            "size": pagesize,
            "from": offset
        hits = result["hits"]["hits"]
        # Stop after no more docs
        if not hits:
        # Yield each entry
        yield from (hit['_source'] for hit in hits)
        # Continue from there
        offset += pagesize

Usage example:

for entry in es_iterate_all_documents(es, 'my_index'):
    print(entry) # Prints the document as stored in the DB

How it works

You can iterate over all documents in an index in ElasticSearch by using queries like

    "size": 250,
    "from": 0

and increasing "from" by "size" after each iteration.